This is the question that has stopped many a good idea. There are websites and TV commercials that claim they will get your idea patented and “published to industry”. Usually they will just mail your design to a bunch of random companies or worse yet, provide a list for you to do it. They know full well you are probably wasting your money, but they’re more than happy to take it from you.

The truth is the best idea in the world is likely useless unless you can sell it. Fortunately, we live in a time when the internet makes things a little easier… mind you I said a little easier. With sites like Amazon, EBay and the like, you can get your product out there with a little hard work.

Often the first step in the process of launching a product is design and 3D modeling. What’s more, without a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing processes and materials, most “design” companies haven’t a clue of how to Design for Manufacture (DFM). Our services range from initial design all the way through prototype, sourcing, and manufacturing. Find us on the web to learn more about DFM or better yet give us a call today to setup your initial consultations, which is always free. Let us help you find the most cost effective way to get your product made and ready to go to market.

Design Smart, Design Right!

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