Product Development:

Our methodology is deeply rooted in one main principal → DFM

Design for Manufacture is a lost art with most of the man+machine, so-called “product development” companies doing business today.  Simply put, just because you can conceive it and prototype it doesn’t mean it can be manufactured at a reasonable cost, or even manufactured at all.  Our team brings four decades of actual manufacturing experience into the design process which facilitates the development of products that are optimized for low tooling costs and long term repeat-ability; value engineered to make our clients profitable much earlier in the product’s life-cycle.

Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling and simulation software we can progress rapidly through the product development process.  Our “Micro-Iterative Collaboration” approach is designed to cultivate a viable, manufacturable product on time and under budget, while maintaining our clients original design intent.

All models are created in SolidWorks™ and can be delivered in several internationally preferred formats.

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